Frequently Asked Questions

Is Woody Park open year round?

Woody Park is open from April to October. See our schedules on our website.

Can we picnic on site?

Yes, tables are available near the reception and on the esplanade for picnics.

Is there a catering on site?

Yes, we have a Snack space where you can find drinks, fries, panini, Panicroc, hot dog, ice cream, waffles.

I come with a group, but I do not do any activities. Is there an entry fee?

No, in this case you will not pay the entrance fee.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, if it is on a leash.

Do you have to book before coming?

For the tree climbing and children’s playground, reservations are not compulsory, but strongly recommended. On the other hand, all the other activities, the reservation is obligatory.

Do you need special equipment to practice tree climbing?

Come with closed shoes, casual dress Gloves are not compulsory, but recommended. They will allow you a better grip of the cables.

How high are the trails?

The maximum height of the courses varies from 3m for the Pivert to 20m for the Vertigo.

What are the payment methods?

We accept payment by credit card, cash, ANCV holiday voucher, Actobi.

What happens in the event of rain?

The rain is not a reason for closing the courses, because they are still passable. However, management reserves the right to interrupt activities in the event of strong winds or storms.